If your piano is new or newly restored with a set of fresh strings, it is usually recommended that it be tuned at least four times during the first year or two.  New strings stretch and, due to a variety of factors, not all strings stretch at the same rate.

If your piano is new or old, the following factors will influence how well your piano will stay in tune, and determine the frequency of tuning:

  • Age, condition and inherent quality of the piano
  • The stability of the piano’s environment, i.e. temperature and, more importantly, humidity (for more on this, go to Humidity Control)
  • Frequency and type of use (once a year at Christmas vs. a university practice or teaching piano vs. a performance piano)
  • Sensitivity of the pianist to the sound of an out-of-tune piano

So, how often your piano is tuned depends on a variety of factors, but the standard of tuning two times a year usually suffices for most home situations.  Click here to link to the PTG website for more information and to read what the Manufacturers have to say about their pianos.

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